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CSEP and FITs: 


A decision regarding whether an applicant can claim both FITs and the CSEP grant has not yet been finalised but the Government has recently released new information. Please visit the DECC website for further information. Alternatively you can view the CSEP FAQ's on FIT's - Click Here.  Please note that if you have any further queries please contact Ofgem who are responsible for the final decision on eligibility.  

Many thanks for deciding to complete the application on-line. This saves valuable processing time at our end, as well as saving the environment. In order to make this process as easy as possible we've added some valuable tips below. 
Please ensure you have read and fully understood the following documents:
- Terms and Conditions (Capital Grants and Project Development Grants)
Guidance Notes 
- FAQs 
- Selection Panel Decisions

Grant awards are subject to full compliance with these conditions. The supporting documents are updated regularly with information that may help you to complete your application. If you have any questions after reading these please contact us as we are happy to help you with the application process.

When copying and pasting from Word you might encounter incompatibility issues, which may cause the system to lock preventing data entry. We would therefore recommend against this, although you could try it first and contact us should you have any problems.

The online forms have a time out facility to prevent against spam. Please ensure any data entered is saved on a regular basis when completing the form. Also ideally these forms should be completed through internet explorer.

We only require three documents in hard copy for capital grant applications:

  • Signed declaration Section 6 of the application form - this must be received by the deadline date to ensure your project is viewed at the next appropriate panel meeting;
  • three consecutive pages of your original bank or building society statement;
  • your response to Section 3 Project Concept and Design on CD or floppy disk. It is important to note that there are two documents that make up your project concept and design. The main document mentioned above provided on CD or floppy disk and a brief summary completed online or sent in hard copy. If you have completed a feasibility study (either through the CSEP development grant or other routes), you can provide a copy of that report but this cannot substitute any of the Concept and Design information required.

For an application to be processed all documents must be received by 5pm on the deadline date.
For funding round deadline dates please click here.

The CSEP Capital grant stream closed to new application at 5pm Friday 17th December 2010.

Click here to proceed with the Capital grants online application form

The CSEP Project Development grant stream closed to new application at 5pm Friday 8th October 2010.

All other documentation required can be uploaded with the appropriate online application form. The maximum size for a document to be uploaded is 2MB. If your document is larger than this please divide it into smaller sections to upload.

And finally when sending your hard copy documentation please add your application reference to allow us to match it with your on-line information. The reference number will appear in the application status in the left hand menu once you have submitted and completed an online application. It should start with BIGC for capital grants and BIGD for project development grants. We wish you good luck with your application!

Last update 11th October 2010